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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Amanda Logue

Amanda Logue

Amanda Logue is a highly successful Senior Test Manager who has defined organizational test policy, selected and implemented appropriate test strategies to meet business objectives and quality goals for multiple companies. She has worked on mega projects, where she was able to merge disparate test approaches and test management, and define and implement efficient and effective organization-wide strategies which consider different lifecycle models and project types. Amanda has 20 years of experience in both software development and Quality Assurance. In addition to being a a Senior Test Manager for BMM Testlabs in New Brunswick, Canada, Amanda is the Director of Marketing for the Canadian Software Testing Board, the Vice-Chair of the Testing Body of Knowledge working group of ISTQB, and the co-author of the Gambling Industry Tester Syllabus. Amanda holds the certifications of CTFL, CTFL-AT, CTAL-TA and CTAL-TM.

Testing in the Gambling Industry

With over 400 jurisdictions world wide gambling industry games have many rules and regulations they must comply with. These rules impact operating systems, hardware, software, mathematics and visual and auditory functionality. Testing to ensure the games comply with all the jurisdictional rules the game will be played in follows many of the foundation level testing practices but expand in other areas such as compliance testing, return to player calculation testing and player perspective testing.
In this presentation attendees will learn about:
- the different types of gambling,
- the key concepts in the gambling industry,
- the role of an independent test lab and regulatory commissions,
- the test phases within the gambling industry,
- becoming a certified gambling industry tester.