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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Arayik Chaparyan

Arayik Chaparyan

Arayik has been in software industry for 12 years. Holds management role in company providing Professional QA Services for software development companies. Has experience in software/QA engineering and management. Managing QA direction with the team of over 60 professionals at Instigate Mobile company including technical development, establishing QA standards and processes. Managed QA services for companies from variety of industries such as Financial, Entertainment, Banking, SaaS, Health Care etc.

Mobile App Testing: Specificity and Challenges

Mobile app testing has plenty of challenges based on multiple factors: nature/type of the app (native, mobile web, hybrid), the platform the app is supposed to run on, mobile specific testing constraints (interruptions in active mode, memory limit, battery state, different network conditions, sim card, etc).
Due to the huge variety of devices and OSs in the market there is a critical demand to test the app against at least most popular devices based on app's target market regional statistics. This brings a lot of obstacles in terms of availability of those devices that are a must to be covered to make decent compatibility testing. Does ‘testing without real mobile device onside’ rectify this obstacle?
Based on nature of the app under test several techniques/technologies come in handy for mobile app test automation which brings variety of challenges depending on technologies used.