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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Arsen Babayan

Arsen Babayan

Arsen is a technology leader with around 20 years of experience in the field. Across his career in various leadership roles, Arsen has prioritised strong foundations for test practices throughout the company's product development life cycle. With career roots in software testing, he has been a constant presence in the community, promoting testing as an important and fulfilling specialisation for a software professional. Being an Agile aficionado, Arsen is deeply interested in challenges that testing process faces in Agile models, and is always eager to share his experience as well as participate in debates related to the subject.

Gloves On! What Do Testers and Goalkeepers Have In Common?

Ranging from gatekeeper to quality police, there have been many attempts to explain testers' role in a software engineering team. Moreover, testing as a discipline is defined quite vaguely, and test team's responsibilities are very volatile as one looks from company to company.
In this almost impractical, deliberately non-academic talk, Arsen tries to get to the bottom of the ultimate goal for any tester, and that is to detect problems before those actually affect the user. Parallels are driven between the trade of a software tester and that of a goalkeeper of a sports team whose mission is to prevent the ball hitting the back of the net.
Dear testers, attending this talk, you are not going to get any new knowledge on the profession of software testing. What we hope you'll get is pride in your responsibilities and inspiration to get better in what you do!