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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Arsen Melkonyan

Arsen Melkonyan

Dr. Arsen Melkonyan has 14+ years of professional experience in research and development, algorithm design, testing, and management. He has been worked and enriched his professional skill set in several international companies such as Cisco Systems, Nokia Systems and Solutions, Teamviewer, LiveOakLogic, University of Texas, and Tampere University of Technology.

Currently, Arsen is a Principal Quality Assurance Engineer at Optym Armenia. He leads the Sky’s quality assurance team. The Sky team works in one of the Optym’s sophisticated and challenging products, which targeted to provide complicated decision automation solutions for airline industry.

Testing of Decision Automation Products for Airline Industry, Challenges and Solutions

The decision automation dramatically changed transportation optimization providing much better results within shorter periods. Custom Software and hardware solutions have become common and they are tightly integrated into modern optimization technology infrastructures in various ways. It is very challenging task to come up with the effective flight schedule for all the airline companies. There are hundreds of operational and business constraints, which should be taken in account. The airline companies should come up with the operational flight schedules that will be profitable considering all that constrains. Additionally, huge amount of historical data needs to be analyzed and considered in final flight schedule adjustments.
Developing software in such a complicated domain has lots of difficulties and challenges. Sky QA team at Optym Armenia has gone through all these challenges and learning difficulties. Now the team provides full end-to-end product testing including UI, Functional, Integration, API, Engine, and Business logic testing within scrum development teams. Arsen Melkonyan, Lead Quality Assurance Engineer, will be happy to take you to unknow but very interesting airline world and share with you the challenges and the solutions that the team came with.