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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Arshak Balyan

Arshak Balyan

Arshak is cofounder of Armenian Association of Quality Assurance Professionals and ArmSTQB. He also works in Armenian Software LTD as QA and Release Manager. Valuing the testers role in IT industry made him to be actively involved in Software Testing profession promotion and development in Armenia.

Meetings organization, development process improvements, trainings, auditing, consulting, ISTQB certification examinations and all this is done for better quality by him and his colleagues.

Maintenance on Time or Problems Later

Regression test run is an important element of software development life cycle. One of the examples is when you prepare for release. At this moment regression test run is implemented and some tests fail. You analyze the reason of failure and find changes in software that made your tests to fail. This means you need test maintenance.
Expectation vs reality: you expect to be informed somehow to make test maintenance before the test execution itself, but you face test failures at the runtime.
As a result, you leave all the other pending work and start the maintenance of tests without rest and sleep to complete it before deadlines - you need a clean run to make sure you are ready for the release. In the end you burn out, or you break deadlines, or you just exclude some tests from regression suite. Neither scenario is desired for testers, or for the team, or for the company.
Change tracking is important for maintenance planning and processing. We will talk about opportunities and best practices on how to organize this type of tracking.