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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Ashot Harutyunyan

Ashot Harutyunyan

Ashot is a Solution Architect at Develandoo. He has more than 5 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise software solutions. He has worked abroad at different international companies such as Allianz in Germany, Europe’s biggest insurance company. He is a part of Scylla, an AI-based smart security system developed by Develandoo. In 2018 Scylla was selected as one of the top 10 startups worldwide and was given an opportunity to pass an intense 3-month acceleration program of workshops, mentor sessions, and events. Ashot has recently passed an exam and got certified AWS (Amazon Web Services) developer.

Complete automation of software delivery in modern world

Yesterday your boss asked you to demonstrate the great new features of your system to a customer, but you can’t show them anything. All your developers are halfway through developing new features and none of them can run the application right now. You have code, it compiles, and all the unit tests pass on your continuous integration server, but it takes a couple of days to release the new version into the publicly accessible UAT environment. Isn’t it unreasonable to expect the demo at such short notice?
You have a critical bug in production. It is losing money for your business every day. You know what the fix is: A one-liner in a library that is used in all three layers of your three-tier system, and a corresponding change to one database table. But the last time you released a new version of your software to production it took a weekend of working until 3 A.M, and the person who did the deployment quit in disgust shortly afterward.
You know the next release is going to overrun the weekend, which means the application will be down for a period during the business week. If only the business understood our problems.
These problems, although all too common, are not an inevitable outcome of the software development and testing process: They are an indication that something is wrong. Software release should be a fast, repeatable process. These days, many companies are putting out multiple releases in a day.
This is possible even with large projects with complex codebases.