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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

David Badalyan

David Badalyan

David Badalyan started his career as a Technical Support Specialist, since then he experienced himself as QA engineer in different organizations.
Currently, he is working at PicsArt LLC as automation QA engineer.
Within his professional career, he has specialized in both mobile and web testing. He considers continuous enrichment of skills and knowledge as key to success.

How to Apply Graph Theory in Mobile Testing

Modern mobile apps have lots of functionalities and screens which are continuously growing.
All these apps have touchpoints which can be achieved from different screens and it makes difficult to design test cases for all touchpoints with high coverage.
In this talk, we will present a methodology of model-based testing that will allow you to represent mobile app as a graph where nodes are screens and edges are navigations. That allows us to use the principles of model-based testing.
Since it shows all navigations, we will be able to have the possibility to create test cases for all scenarios. We can also generate new scenarios based on the newly added screens, automatically. The last but definitely not the least important advantage of this approach is the ability of measuring the performance of the navigation between screens.