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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Eugene Efimov

Eugene Efimov

Eugene Efimov is a DataArt Test Lead. Eugene has been working in the testing field for more than 15 years, originally starting as an intern. Eugene has implemented test processes for projects in the fields of finance, online travel agencies, media, and embedded, and has worked with customers from the United States and Great Britain. He now specializes in implementing test processes as part of flexible methodologies, test audit, and building education systems and assessing the skills of Test engineers.
Eugene spends a lot of time teaching, developing corporate programs, and making programs to assess testers’ skills. He also conducts corporate and certification exams (ISTQB). He personally designed the course “Software Test Engineering for beginners” which has now graduated three classes of students. Many of these graduates have gone on to work in client projects in St. Petersburg-based companies.
Eugene regularly speaks at conferences, having presented in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Voronezh, Dnepr, Kharkov, and Kherson.
Eugene thinks that each Test Employee is capable of making his or her work “interesting, cool, and full of drive, passion, and opportunity.

How to Ruin Your Test Department in Three Easy Steps

Planning Test Strategy you should consider several factors that can dramatically reduce efficiency of your testing department. Such risk factors can be divided in several groups: product, process and personality specific factors. Knowing them allows you either avoid them or at least threat them as risks and act accordingly.
I'll talk about these factors, how to identify problems ahead and solve them. I'll give some examples of fails from my experience and how we recover from them, how to tweak your process and testing strategy according to identified problems, about right team compositions and how to fight burn-down.
This topic can be useful both for Test Managers as some know how about building efficient process and for Test engineers as a good checklist for personal efficiency.