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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Hovhannes Grigoryan

Hovhannes Grigoryan

Hovhannes is an engineering manager at Questrade. He is helping to drive technological transformation journey at Questrade and also responsible for the launch and development of a cross-platform desktop trading application at Questrade - leading Canadian online brokerage firm on a mission of transforming Canadian FinTech.
His team created automated microservices testing framework from scratch and successfully utilizing it for critical services testing automation on production.

Automated Microservice Testing

Microservices architecture is commonly widespread nowadays. Many organizations are making the move or already adopted cloud as a primary home for their enterprise software. As we approached cloud adoption and architecture transformation at Questrade, the need for flexible, cloud native and easy to use microservices testing framework emerged.
We have chosen the path to build it from scratch to support the growing number of microservices we have on production. The end result was a standalone automation product, generic enough to cover all the different types of services and APIs we created over time.
The framework provides a set of core APIs for integrations, built-in alerting and reporting mechanisms, web frontend app for management and made service automation a blissful task for us.
The talk will cover architecture ideas behind the framework, lessons learned during the development, test creation and exploitation.
The framework is built using Node.js as a backing technology. It supports both REST and GraphQL based services, multiple database technologies and can be extended and customized using JavaScript too.