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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Lusine Karapetyan

Lusine Karapetyan

Lusine works as a Software Testing Engineer in Armenian Software LTD. During her 8 years experience on testing financial softwares, she was able better recognize the importance of software testing. Valuing the quality in software products she became a trainer of software testing fundamentals and now she already has dozens of students with success stories. She is also a member of ArmSTQB and Armenian Association of Quality Assurance Professionals.

IoT Testing: Introduction and More

The Internet of Things(IoT) is the network that consists of devices, vehicles, buildings or any other connected electronic devices. This interconnection facilitates collection and exchange data. Today there is increasing need to deliver better and faster services. There is a huge demand to access, create, use and share data from any device. The thrust is to provide greater insight and control, over various interconnected IOT devices. Hence, IOT testing framework is important. Make sure “it just works” isn’t just a slogan with IoT testing in real-world conditions.
There are many challenges for the IoT tester such as Hardware-Software Mesh, Device Interaction module , Real-time data testing , UI and Network availability.
To test such an architecture, we need to go through multiple testing types such as Usability, Security, Connectivity, Performance, Compatibility, Data Integrity.