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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Roman Yakymchuk

Roman Yakymchuk

Roman Yakymchuk - Senior QA Engineer with 7 years of experience in Software Testing field. He is passionate with Test Design and Test Analysis. Has a great experience in different fields of testing Web, Mobile, Hardware and Desktop applications. Founder of QABlog and Co-Founder of UkrainQA - communities of software testers in Ukraine. He would be pleased to share with us his experience.

State & Transition Testing, Advanced Level

State & Transition Testing is not as simple as it may looks. There are many nuances that should be understood and not miss important points.
I'll try to explain:
- How to build State and Transition Diagrams
- How to analyze and expand diagram using State & Transition Tables
- How to create Test scenarios based on the results of tables and diagrams
- How not to miss important cases