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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Valeriy Burmistrov

Valeriy Burmistrov

Valeriy Burmistrov is in Test Engineering for 15+ years and now works as Director, Quality Assurance at TeamViewer GmbH, world-famous German company with Engineering locations in Göppingen, Germany and in Yerevan, Armenia.
Valeriy holds the ISTQB Expert Level certifications – Test Management, Improving the Test Process, and enjoys getting to know new people in conferences. to share experience and learn from experiences of others.

Leadership Skills – a “must-have” for Every Test Engineer

Important note – this talk is meant for Engineers, not managers.
In fact, this is the key point – historically ‘leadership’ has been a topic for managers and not for Engineers, but lately the situation has changed dramatically – soft skills are as important as ‘hard’ skills for Engineers.
From my own 15+ years of experience, I strongly believe that in Software Testing, the soft skills and leadership are particularly relevant and important for success.
Let’s review together what Leadership actually means (in contrast with management) and why it is especially relevant in our Software Testing profession.
I will share my personal experiences and will provide some food for thought.