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Yerevan Testing Days 2019

Yeghishe Suleymanyan

Yeghishe Suleymanyan

Yeghishe is a Lead QA engineer at TestingArt LLC, a software engineering outsourcing company. Using his experience he continuously delivers quality to customers and coaches teammates.
Strong technical background and advanced communication skills let him to work remotely as a QA team lead on one of projects of Apps360 company, which combines more than 80000 restaurant platforms all over the world.
During his career path he gained solid experience in different sectors such as SaaS, e-learning. He is working with customers from various countries worldwide, including US, Europe, Australia.
Yeghishe has achieved M.S. degree in Nuclear Science field, where his goal is to apply the language of science to the Software Testing flow. Meanwhile he is an active member of ArmSTQB and Armenian Association of Quality Assurance Professionals.

Not Just a Pretty Face: How To Win Out "Fuzzy Logic"

All of us repeatedly heard from various sources that it is much easier to achieve success in IT, especially in the field of testing. They say via acquiring new job skills and by constantly improving yourself it's possible to reach a mountains where there is a certain degree of self-sufficiency.
However, in practice, people are forced to consider their contribution as unsuccessful and it is often the case when people are disappointed due to the selected semi-wrong, semi-right methods, useless stereotypes.
In fact there are much more subtle and important prerequisites for succeeding in a Testing World and becoming successful professional. Even a successful involvement does not always testify to a professional stable development. Consequently only in case of continuous investment it is possible to avoid the unpleasant status of "being just a pretty face" in the Team.
Applying personal experience-based success formula I will try to share with you how to deal with "fuzzy logical" opinions by investing to your ability achieve success, find a proper solution in above and other interconnected questions